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CoilZone - AZZ | Precoat Metals

Your secure, interactive, supply chain management system.

What is CoilZone?

CoilZone provides you with the tools to manage your business and processing needs by accommodating visibility to vital data at any time.

All of your records on CoilZone are protected and confidential, and available on a real-time basis. CoilZone provides instant access to recent inventory updates, such as Material Receipts, Production, and Shipments. You also have access to Open Orders, and Material Status changes as they occur. In addition, CoilZone provides you with access to graphic market and industry trends.

At AZZ | Precoat Metals, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services to our customers. We continuously seek system improvements to help you manage your prepaint inventory as efficiently and effectively as possible. That's our commitment to you.